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What is MyDisease.info

MyDisease.info provides simple-to-use REST web services to query/retrieve disease annotation data. It’s designed with simplicity and performance emphasized. You can use it to power a web application which requires querying disease annotations. For example, MyDisease.info services are used to power BioGPS; or use it in an analysis pipeline to retrieve always up-to-date disease annotations.

Source code

The source code of MyDisease.info project is hosted at GitHub: https://github.com/biothings/mydisease.info.

Our team

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Department of Integrative, Structural and Computational Biology @ Scripps Research

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Chunlei Wu

Associate Professor
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Andrew Su

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Ginger Tsueng

Staff Scientist
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Marco Alvarado Cano

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Colleen Xu

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Yao Yao

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Past Contributors

Jiwen (Kevin) Xin
Sebastien Lelong
Xinghua (Jerry) Zhou
Zhongchao Qian
Paul Gaudin
Cyrus Afrasiabi
Byung Ryul Jeon
Ricardo Avila